Friday, February 20, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...Chevron Pillow

I only have one finish to share.  I showed the progress a few posts back.  The half-square triangles were leftover from a baby quilt I made for a co-worker. I used up the scraps and gave her the pillow.
 The back is a crazy print someone gave me.  It is bright pink cabbage heads with orange roses?  I didn't use any of the orange in the pillow front or the quilt, but it works fine for the back.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...Purple Herringbone Throw

I was asked recently to make a purple, throw-sized quilt.  I agreed and then looked at the purples in my stash...hahaha I don't have much purple.
I had to do some fabric shopping!  Thanks to Connecting Threads I filled up and didn't break the bank.
Here she is, in all her purple glory!
I've been wanting to try out Maureen Cracknell's Herringbone, Quilt-As-You-Go pattern for awhile and this looked like a great opportunity.
It was a super quick quilt to make! I made a little pillow to go along with it since there were some left over strips.
I'm not the biggest fan of purple, hence the lack of it in my stash, but it turned out beautifully!
I used my favorite of the purple fabrics for the backing.  Isn't that fun!?

She asked for a foot pocket on the back.  I'd never done one, but it was pretty simply addition.  I did it in flannel to add some cuddly factor.
This quilt made it to its new home today!  I know it will be enjoyed :)


Monday, February 09, 2015

Hey, Hey I'm Still Here :)

I've only managed to post on Finish It Up Fridays lately.  Didn't even get that done this week.  Sometimes I just like to be "invisible" a bit. I thought it was time to say hello.
 I did have a finish this week, but it hasn't made it to its new home yet.  Here is just a sneak peak:
 I took some days off last week to finish that and work on some other quilting projects.  I ended up finding a way to finish some UFOS, of mine and others.
I made a baby quilt with these fabrics and had half-square triangles left over.  Hey, chevrons are in!
 I'm not sure if I bought these leaf blocks or if someone gave them to me.  I pulled them out and decided to try and fit them into a nice throw quilt.  Mom and Brenna helped me pick out some 30's prints to go with.

 I also managed to finish up last years Sugar Blocks with Amy Gibson.  I decided that putting blocks on point was kind of fun and tried it again.
It is a darker choice than I usually make, but I really like it too! 
 Once I got all of the chevrons made I decided to quilt it up and turn it into a pillow.  I plan on giving it to the people I made the baby quilt for since it matches!
 We've been having some crazy weather for late January/February.  It was 70 degrees out last week and last Sunday we didn't have any church services in the area due to snow, snow, snow.
I went with a dress yesterday since it has been warmer.  I got this black dress from my grandma.  She wore it back in 1974!  Fun times!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...Churn Dash Medallion Quilt

I did not piece this quilt.  I was simply commissioned to do the quilting.
It is a neat pattern though, I myself have never made a medallion style quilt.
 You can't really make out the quilting on the front, there is a lot going on there. I used a sage green thread on top and it really blended well.
 I thought about doing an all over floral-type design, but opted for something more along the lines of what I usually do.  I guess I chickened out mostly :S  Those all over quilting designs scare me a bit.
Instead, I decided to quilt the medallion churn dash and then do little ones in the small blocks all around it.  I used a pepto-bismol pink on the back.  It coordinated well and I will probably never use it on my own. 
 On the first outside border I did a bit of a curling ribbon pattern, although you have to know it is there to see it.  I tried.
 I went ahead and washed and dried it before passing it on, there were a few spots in the piecing that called for a small tuck here and there.  You can't see them know, with its lovely washed wrinkliness :)
 I used a green, leaf print for the binding.
 Another fun finish!  I hope it is enjoyed by its owner.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...Sunbonnet Sue and More To Do

This week's finish was a joint effort.  My great-great grandmother Semedia made these Sunbonnet Sue quilt blocks. My mom ended up with them and decided to make them into multiple projects for many family members to enjoy.
 Then we put them away for awhile.  In the meantime my grandmother passed away and my mom had two more children.  So, when they were pulled out again we had to do some shuffling to figure out how many and who.
One wallhanging is now DONE!  I machine pieced them and my mom hand quilted it.  I even thought about it ahead of time and got hanging corners put on the back!
 It is so fun to look at the fabrics my great-great grandmother used and the AMAZING blanket stitches she did by hand. 
 I don't know if this counts as a finish or not.  Mom and I got she and dad's headboard in place.  For Christmas I found her some half doors to use.  We were able to just stick them between the wall and the bed and they aren't moving about. 
 Next on my sewing list...a bit of purple!