Friday, April 18, 2014

Finish It Up Friday...Green Eggs And Ham

This finish is actually from the beginning of March, but I couldn't reveal it yet.  A dear friend is expecting her first baby and they are going with a Dr. Seuss theme.  I made them this lap size/baby quilt :)
 I was able to give it to her in person last weekend so I'm free to share with all of you.  I had a lot of fun with the back.  I was able to use all but a few squares of the Dr. Seuss fabric so I won't have it wandering about forever.
 More recently I finished two more of my 2014 Sugar Blocks.  Not sure if I shared this one already.
 I am trying to use a lot of the more outdated florals that I have and wouldn't normally use.  I have to say they are looking better than I would have thought.

Part Two

And so our journey continues...
I've seen several markers for the different Army air fields that are no more.  This one needs some TLC.
 This extra marker was right next to it.  Who knew!
 Ohiowa was a fun stop!  This cool auditorium is still being used.
 We used the toilet at the bar across the street.  It was a strange little bathroom, or closet :S
 It was so fun to spend time with my friend that I nearly would forget to stop sometimes.  Our time was so refreshing!
 We went to Milligan, the grand location for a Pepsi commercial.  I didn't see any remnants of the festivities.
 I've actually already been there for a marker...but now there are 3 new ones!  Sadly, they were all for plane crashes.
 Shilo and I found this one in the dark one night, but Cindie and I decided to get it again just for fun visit the cemetery :)
 This quaint little Czech and Irish, Catholic chapel was so sweet.
 We looked about at the fun names and old headstones.  Not sure why so many of them had an entire flat top above ground.
 It was a beautiful day for a drive!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I Love Historical Marker Adventures!!!

Well, it started on a cold, snowy morning in March.  It was time for another historical marker adventure!
 Along the way I was able to see the Sandhills Cranes.  They are quite the deal, so many birds.
 The day really stayed along the Oregon Trail and Pony Express Route as we kept running into markers for both.
 I used the route formed to try and re-find a few markers that were missing on previous trips.  Here is one that Shilo and I were sad to find broken and dilapidated.
Yay, IT'S FIXED!!!
 I then drove around Red Cloud to find a few more.  Isn't their county museum gorgeous!!?
 Sad stairs.
 This cute little church was missing it's marker also.
Hurray it is back!
 After making up for lost markers, I headed to Superior to meet up with the lovely Miss Cindie!!
 So glad to get me some "Cindie Time."
 More Oregon Trail, yo!
 Welcome to Oak.  It is a sad little community with lots of signs of what used to be.
 They still have saloon girls though ;)  Look in the upstairs windows.
 The original townsite of Oah was near this home...and their dog.  So glad he wasn't too ferocious as I ran back and forth from the camera trying to get a decent shot!
 There was a random headstone across from the house too.
 Then we followed this sweet gravel road.

 This is what we found.  There was an Indian raid and some people were killed and some held captive.  This is supposed to be where they fled for shelter.  I think we enjoyed finding this more than the drunk people who signed the book last ;)
 Oak was full of treasures.  Next we followed a road up on top of the hill and found a cemetery.
 Oh, the bad spelling.
 Some Comstock folks were from around here.  Wonder if their is any connection to Comstock, NE.
 Sweet Pearl.
More to come :)


Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Adventure With Grandma.

My grandma and I took a little road trip last weekend.  While my mom and siblings were at a home school conference, we headed south to find some of my grandpa's roots.
 This cemetery took some creative driving to find.  We tried many of the white rock roads to find it.  We were successful!
 I'm not perfectly clear on who everyone was, but I think they were my grandpa's uncles.
 It looked lovely out, but was cool and windy standing out in the open cemetery.
 This was once I'm assuming the Spring Creek church, all that is left of what once was a community.
 We headed into Tecumseh for lunch at this really cool soda fountain/restaurant.
 The walls were lined with photos of soldiers from the area who had served in any of our wars.  So cool to look through!
 After lunch we headed back to my cousin's house where we all crashed for the weekend.
Check out the Hay Minions I saw on the way!!
 I loved spending time with these hoodlums :)
 Crazy and cute to boot!

Monday, March 31, 2014

What's In A Wall hanging?

I made some cute, fun wall hangings recently.   
 It was a lot of fun to pull something together so quickly.
 It only took me an hour or two for most of these from start to finish.
 I simply used blocks from a book my brother and sister-in-law gave me and then added borders.
 It was a good way to use up a bit of the stash as well!
 Fun times!