Monday, July 27, 2015

Oh, The Average Days of Summer

Summer has flown by once again.
Working straight through sure makes it go faster.
Some highlights of the last few weeks.
Sunday afternoon at the byway barn: 
 We worked out Quinn's 4-H photography.  We were doing shadow fun and trick photography.
 They have some lovely flowers at the barn.
 And a lovely reminder of the prairie.  You're good as long as you don't turn around and realize there is a town right behind you :)
 Brenna and I braved the heat and went to the top of the hill again.
We played some War.
 There is quite a view from the top.
 Enjoyed an evening with K O-J in Kearney.  There is a new historical marker right outside of town.  Someone's last name was Bearss, so we posed as bears.
 Tis the 4-H season, we managed not to do too much this year.  Brenna did finish her quilt she started 5 years ago :)  Go, Brenna, go!

 We had a mini family game night after Quinn's horse practice last week.
He requested this pizza dip that he saw on facebook.  It turned out pretty good.
 Mom tweaked her back last week so she played Apples To Apples from the chair.

And now the county fair is upon us and things actually are slowing down.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday...Camp Kilimanjaro!

Each year for VBS our church makes a quilt.
The person who used to do it is backing on her outside quilt making, so this year it is my turn.
Our VBS was Mt. Kilimanjaro.  My mom came up with the idea and I did the execution.
 I made the background and blocked off the mountain and placement of the animals.  Then the kids and adults signed wherever they wanted to around them.
 I made up a paper-pieced multi-colored blue mountain.
 I appliqued the mountain on and then some silhouettes of animals.
 It is getting close to being finished...but still a WIP.
I added a border and mom put the theme verse along the bottom.
I also printed the Camp Kilimanjaro logo on fabric and added it as a cloud.
Fun memories!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro...A Week of Fun.

Our church had VBS last week.
We used the Answers In Genesis curriculum to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro!
It was an epic expedition in the book of Proverbs :)
 I taught these little precious ones, the 4 year olds through K.  Man did them have energy.  Most of our time was just organized chaos :)
 I was a bit down after the first night, thinking there was no way I was getting any truth to their ears let alone their hearts.  But, the second night they rattled off things I had told them and thought no one heard.  God is good and kids are awesome!
 I did cut down on the amount of time that I would make them sit and just listen to me.  I pulled out the life-saving blocks and we built things more than one night.
 They are so creative.
 I reviewed the Gospel Fuzzy song I taught them too, with the colors of the blocks.  I think they thought I was crazy, but they learned it!
 I was also involved in the skit each night of VBS.  Our cast was great and we did pretty good learning our lines amidst the craziness of summer.  Sarah, the lovely girl in pink was my class helper.  She was so good with the kids!
 The last night I painted their faces...hehe, that was an experience :)  Then at our little VBS program they shared one of our verses and sang the Gospel Fuzzy song.
 It was a long and tiring week, but worth it!
And take a look at Proverbs...GOOD STUFF!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...Birthday Beach Umbrellas

Hurray for a finish! Tis the season for crazy busyness.
The special lady I made this for celebrated her birthday this week.
She requested shams to go with, but I just couldn't get them done in time.  I did however, get to hand the quilt over on her birthday!
This quilt is my rendition of this beach umbrella quilt.
I stuck with a much simpler quilting pattern.  I simply stitched in the ditch between blocks and then through every other "wedge."  I didn't want to distract from the bright umbrella tops and my swirlyness has not yet been found in quilting.
I once again chose to get creative with my backing.  I wanted to use up the leftover fabrics from the top instead of ordering more fabric.  It turned out really fun!  All of the fabrics came from Connecting Threads... LOVE THEM!
So, here she is in all her beauty!
You can hardly see the binding, but it is done in a sunshiny yellow.
This quilt measures about 85 x 85.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...Quilty 4th of July!

Our family had a lovely, small 4th of July this year.
We did the closest to "shots" as we ever will.
 They went fast! Strawberries filled with cool whip with a blueberry on top:)
 We had lots of food.  Grandma and Aunt Beth came out for lunch.
 Yay, for family!
 And good food!
 My dad and brother bought the fireworks!  I had to work the evening shift at work, but got back in time for the shooting off.
 And here is my quilt finish.  I saw this on the 3rd and decided to try and crank it out.  I already had 2 in squares cut, just needed to find the red, white and blue squares.  My whites ended up being mostly cream as well as the border.
 I didn't actually finish until 5 minutes after my gma and aunt had arrived on the 4th.  Whew!
It finished up at 21 X 27 inches.
 One highlight of the day...changing gma's iv ;)
 They ended up playing games through the afternoon and I came home to a still full house.