Monday, July 14, 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

Finish It Up Friday...Four For Friday

I could probably save part of these for another Friday, but why not just put them all on here :)  This is what happens when you try to take a picture on a hot, humid day in NE with the camera from the cool basement!
 Much better!  I won't tell you anything more about the lion, but he's too cute to not preview.
 My grandma gave me a bunch of squares of fabric with needlepunch or fabric painting she did in the past.  She thought they might make some fun pillows.  I completed two this week!
 I love it when I have just the right colors in my stash.  I had no trouble finding something to match either of these pillows!
 I just did simple envelope style backs.  I purchased some cheap pillows at the store and used them for pillow forms.

 The main item of the week is this baby quilt.  It is another item my grandma painted.  She sold Cameo paints long ago and has tons of sample items.
 I have no idea where I received this border fabric.  It has some age on it though.
 I didn't do a lot with the quilting.
 I went around a few of the flowers.
 Also a little work on the crib and pillow.
 Isn't this the cutest fabric?!  I barely had enough for my borders so if you look closely you'll see that it doesn't all match up.
 I used a simple, but fun red gingham for the back and binding.
 This was a fun, quick finish!!
Thanks, Grandma!!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Projects Are Fun!!

I like projects.  I like the feeling of finishing things.  I'm task-oriented.
My cousin is one of the coordinators of a local rodeo.  He commissioned me to make him some vests for the timers, judges, etc.  Here is my dad modeling one :)
 Made three, very simple quick project!
 I recently decided to change up the color of my dresser and headboard.  I have had these for nearly 20 years.  The headboard was still actually sporting some permanent marker art from my now 26 year old brother.  Here is a mid-process before picture.
 I went with this fun, teal-blue spray paint. It is called Seaside.
 It is really bright, but fun! (Please excuse the real life mess, no staging for my photos)
 I also did some work on Brenna's dresser.  Her drawers were junk and the bottoms kept falling out.  We purchased some cute little cubbies and bins and she is using that instead.  This part of the dresser was taking up much of our basement hallway.  Before I found the spray paint color I wanted I purchased some regular paint at the lumber store.  It is more of a blue, less teal.  My plan is to have dad help me put some boards in as shelves and use it for storage.  Maybe someday it can hold my dishes ;)
 Said dresser also had a mirror which Brenna did need.  So we continued with the spray painting theme and brightened it up.  Her dresser was a very dark brown fake wood grain stuff.
 Hehe, mirrors are fun!
 I hit my foot I'm starting to "smurf"!
 Here is her new mirror.  It might actually show her face now...she's so tall!
 This isn't a project, just a shout out to my AMAZING parents on their anniversary!
Happy 36th, thanks for being you!  What a couple of babies they were!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Finish It Up Friday...Bright Stripes for C and The Throne

This week's finish is a gift for a special little boy!  I went with simple stripes in lots of different colors to catch his eye!
It wasn't until I took it out to photograph that I discovered the ships and the "C" are going in opposite directions.  Oops :S
It came together quickly and I just did some simple straight lines for the quilting.  The back is a light green.
I hope he likes it :)  Looking forward to giving it to him later this month.

Here is also the finished look of my giant throne chair!  I took some stain to it the other day to even out the color a bit.  It isn't all as dark as I'd like, but looks much better.  I also spent a bit too much and bought three lounge chair cushions to cover it.  They fit perfectly though and even tie down.  Fun stuff!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

This is the chair that Alissa built.

I wanted to do a project with the my siblings on Saturday.  We had three pallets in the back yard.  So I googled around and found a pallet chair to make.  Here are our materials:
 I've never used an electric circular saw and I opted for the old fashioned elbow grease method.  We sawed and sawed.  The "plans" called for gigantic screws to hold it together...we had none.
 I did find some gigantic nails though.  And so we began to hammer away at our creation.  There was a lot of sweat involved on this warm, fine morning. Random aside, I built it in a dress :)
 I kind of had the idea of making this dad's Father's Day gift...we didn't finish before he came home.  He and his power tools helped us finish the job.  I tried to stop him, but my weeny arms were tired.
 So...our pallets weren't nearly as nice as the ones the tutorial used.
It took a lot of support boards not shown.
But, hey we have a giant chair in our yard!!
I think the final plans are to stain it dark like the front boards (they came from an old daybed we had) and put on some outdoor lounge cushions.
Maybe I should call it my "birthday throne" for tomorrow!