Friday, June 26, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...Pears, Cake, and Camp!

It's Friday!
I bought this Connecting Threads kit awhile back when purchasing some backing fabric.
I didn't need it, but it was so cute!
While hanging with my mom as she went through old papers and letters of her moms I got most of it pieced.
Then on Monday as I waited for it to be camp time I worked away at the rest. Trying to keep my mind from making me CRAZY nervous.
 I love the bright colors! I finished the binding today.
The kit came with a red for the binding but I already had several scraps that were 2.5 inches cut out.
I am excited to use the leftovers for something fun.
It comes in at 19 x 27 inches. 
Another finish for the week was successfully completing a camp week at Homeward Trail Bible Camp.  It was amazing!
My sister and I were dorm leaders for the K-3rd grade camp.  Kids are so wonderful, interacting with them took all my anxiety away.  Our group were the self-named Unicorns and they were such sweet, fun, goofy, attentive girls all twelve!  I pray that their hearts were impacted by the good news of the gospel and challenged to know Christ more.  We had some great talks.
I'm totally ready for next year's camp :)

 A few days before camp I finished this bad boy too!
I was asked to make a graduation cake for a friend's son.  She gave me freedom on the design so I went with camo.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Camp Prayers

I'm going to Bible camp on Monday...I'm uber nervous.  I went to camp as a kid just a few times.  It isn't my favorite memory.  But, I'm going to Homeward Trail Bible Camp for time with K-3rd graders.
I went to the staff training weekend and I think I was more nervous for that event.  I don't like going into situations when I don't know what to expect.  I was always a shy child and that reserved, introverted little person is still inside of me.  Those who have known me in the moments and places that I feel comfortable often doubt that I was ever "shy."  I've learned to push through and I do best when I know what I'm doing or how things should go.  That being said, being a dorm leader at camp, surrounded by teens and adults I don't really know scares me.
Kids are wonderful and I am not really worried about that part of the experience.  I want to be the Lord's vessel.  I want to point them to Christ.  I want to be the best dorm leader, but I don't know what that even means :)!  So, friends, will you pray for me in the next few days.  Pray that I would rest in the Savior's strength, boldness and peace.  Pray for these young ones who will hear God's grace proclaimed.  Thank you in advance.  This is me...being me, bravely!

1 John 4:18New Century Version (NCV)

18 Where God’s love is, there is no fear, because God’s perfect love drives out fear. It is punishment that makes a person fear, so love is not made perfect in the person who fears.
Psalm 27:1-3
The Lord is my light and the one who saves me.
    So why should I fear anyone?
The Lord protects my life.
    So why should I be afraid?
Evil people may try to destroy my body.
    My enemies and those who hate me attack me,
but they are overwhelmed and defeated.
If an army surrounds me,
    I will not be afraid.
If war breaks out,
    I will trust the Lord.

Romans 8:15New Century Version (NCV)

15 The Spirit we received does not make us slaves again to fear; it makes us children of God. With that Spirit we cry out, “Father.”[a]

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WIP...Birthday Beach Umbrellas

Aren't these fun colors?
I'm working on a quilt for a friend's birthday.  She found this one and asked for me to do my best to recreate it.
There wasn't a pattern...or so I thought.  Today as I gathered my pictures to show my WIP I found it on Craftsy!
Oh, well.  I'm doing pretty good so far without one.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Duct Tape Warfare!

My mom bought some books on the kindle a week ago.  Books filled with patterns for swords, axes, shields and armor all made from pvc pipe, foam, cardboard and duct tape.
Great activity for two young teenage boys!
Quinn had a friend over and they had a blast!  I was roped into making the helmets and chest plates. 
It was hilarious watching them battle it out.

 They had specific rules of conduct.
Until one remained the victor!


Wednesday, June 03, 2015

We Have Another Teenager!

My youngest brother turned 13 a few weeks ago!  Can't believe it has been that long.  I don't even want to think of what life would be without my fellow redhead.
He's officially passed me in height and Grandma too!
My grandma, aunt and cousin's came over to help him celebrate.

I love my family! We had a fun time!

He received a water balloon launcher and so they had to go try it out.  It wasn't terribly warm but the kids all managed to come in soaking wet :)

This is my cousin's little guy.  Her sure adds a lot of spunk and joy!   He says, Happy Birthday, Quinn!