Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Week With Our North Carolina Loves

My brother and his family came for a week! It flew by.  It is hard to just pick a few pictures, but I tried :)
There was a mashed potato mishap, which will be a fun family joke for years to come.
 A birthday with cousins!  Look at that little guy's grin!
 Grandpa got in some croquet with the kids.
 Ignore the scary face on the left, but I had a lovely time fort-hopping with this now 8 year old.  Can't believe how grown up he's become.
 A wagon trip down the hill to see the newest fort.
 So cute.
 Sorry for the blur, but I had to show some evidence of the games played.  Rummikub with Grandma :)
 Horses, horses, horses.
 Another birthday to celebrate! We only had a 6 candle, so we made everyone do math...6 + 2! :)

 She's the loveliest :)
 This little guy and I were twinsies for our day out.  Hurray for Curious George!
 Brown-eyed beauties.
 The "real" grown idea where I fit in to this ;)
 Soccer with Scotchie!
 There be the bike rider...
A week is never long enough.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

A Wild Plum Adventure!

We drove down the pretty road two Sundays ago.
 We saw lots and lots of these! Wild plums along the road ditches.
 So after lunch my mom, sister and I went picking.
 They were everywhere, on both sides of the road.  Most were this lovely plum color, others were a dusty yellow color. 
 We filled our buckets again and again until our 5 gallon bucket was full.
 It was a beautiful day in God's creation! Stress has been the theme of the last few weeks and our little adventure was a much needed respite.
 We had a lovely time, we three.
 And then we went on a drive down a long forgotten road.
 I love thinking back on this area's history.  What houses might have been here at the end of the road, near the windmill and gate?
 Awww, Nebraska!
 We got out and explored near this windmill.  By the way, this is a windmill...not those hideous white turbines.  I love windmills!  There were remnants of old foundations where buildings once stood.
 We decided on jam for the product of our labor.

 What a profitable afternoon it turned out to be.  I made 22 half-pints and 7 pints of delicious wild plum jam! Yay!

Friday, September 04, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...Dresses and Free Motion Quilting.

I'm excited to show you my finishes this week!
This lovely young lady from my church asked me to make her a homecoming dress.
We found a pattern on Burda and it was a great fit :)
I decided to make a trial dress, just in case.  I used up the rest of this black and white fabric I had.  I did have to do a section of plain black on the back.
 And here is the final product in the colors and fabrics she requested!  I found an invisible zipper foot in with one of my more recently acquired sewing machines and put it to work for this one.  There is also boning which was a new skill for me.  I actually pulled it out of my first prom dress to use :)
She looks lovely!!
 I also finished up a quilting finish.
A friend and classmate asked me to do the quilting on this one for her.  It is so cute and it just begged to have flowers quilted in, so I got brave.
 I've only free-motion quilted one other quilt.
I'm glad I went with that for this one.  Normally I have to stick to the straight lines provided by the quilt top itself.
 Woohoo, for stepping outside my comfort zone.  I love how it turned out!

 She wanted something soft and fuzzy for the back since it is a baby quilt.  I purchased a minkie like pink polka dot that quilted up just fine.


Friday, August 28, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...Grandma's Butterflies.

My grandma had a set of these butterflies she painted long ago.
She used to sell the paints and do classes on the painting.  She loves butterflies and mentioned that she'd like to have them put together into a quilt.
 Her birthday was Saturday and I got it finished just in time.  I didn't have quite enough of the purple to do all the sashing that color, but I made it work.  The back is a green with yellow flowers.
 Unfortunately, she was in the hospital on Saturday and then got moved to a larger hospital right after lunch.  We took her the quilt and a bit of watermelon with an unlit candle on top :)  She should be coming home in a few days to enjoy her butterflies.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WIP Wednesday...Flannel Camping Strip Quilt.

I've got some other projects that will soon take over my sewing time until Christmas.
So, I thought I'd get a head start on this gift for a young man.
 I really liked the kit Connecting Threads offered with this flannel line, but it wasn't really big enough.
 So, I bought the flannel and used my quilt program to come up with a similar pattern.
 These aren't the colors, but the pattern idea.
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