Friday, August 29, 2014

Finish It Up Friday...Yes, I Made My Purse

I've needed a new purse for a bit now.  The one I bought isn't one I'd normally even look at actually.  I picked it up at the 2nd hand store and it was the best looking.  I finally got around to sewing one!
 I bought this fun blue and yellow fabric with the express purpose of making a new purse.  I made one, but it was much to small.  That one went on to be a silent auction item at a benefit.  It however stole some of my precious yardage!
 I decided to pair it with another canvas I had in gray and white chevron.  Incidentally it is the same fabric I used for my wallet.  I wasn't even trying to be matchy-matchy!
 I put one large zippered pocket on the inside and one divided pocket on the other.  The front of the bag has the built in pocket which is perfect for keys an my phone.
I have a HUGE roll of this army surplus belt material and I decided that the green is close enough and I don't have to then construct one!!  
It is a win-win and I love it!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Finish It Up Friday...New Skirt Time!

I decided I needed a simple, quick project the other day.  I wanted to feel the satisfaction of completion in a shorter period of time.  I decided a new skirt was just the thing.
 I'm not sure which load of fabric I've been gifted this particular print came from.  I do however have quite a bit of it to use.  It is a knit, but not terribly stretchy.  I love the colors too!
 It is a simply A-line with a fold down waistband made from the same material.  I found a tutorial online, but don't know which one it was now.
I really like how it turned out an it was great to finish up quickly.  I even wore it out to the garden to pick green beans later...


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Something Old Into Something New

My grandmother moved into town from the farm a few years ago.
She had a lot of stuff in her shed.  She didn't want it left out on the farm for someone to pillage.
So we filled our trailer and peddled some of it on the Junk Jaunt.  This dresser was one of the things left.  It has sat outside in the rain and shine for at least a year now.  I decided it wasn't in that bad of shape.
One of my favorite features is the screen that is inside the bottom.  How very clever, no mice in those drawers!  I did however have to evacuate some spiders and some very unhappy wasps before I began.
I cleaned it with just water and a scrub brush and then sanded down the rough spots.  It only had minimal amounts of stain and varnish left on the sides.
I then rubbed it down with tung oil.  The top is a bit warped from the outdoor time and I might screw it down sometime.  The three drawers were present, but only one was in complete working order.  I took the front off of a second drawer and attached it to the back for added decor.  I also sawed off the middle drawer board to create a shelf space.  The bottom of the second drawer fits right in the bottom to make the shelf itself.
I love it!  Anyone who has been in my bedroom knows its smallness.  I gave my little sister my desk that I really wasn't using as a desk, just storage to make room for this beauty.
Yay! I had recently purchased the two wire baskets for my sewing space, but they work great in the bottom.  I used an embroidery hoop to showcase a bit of crazy quilting that belonged to my great-grandmother.  Fun times!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Hermit and Garden

Isn't she a lovely girl?!
 I noticed mom out reading the other day.
 She was not alone! Look who came outside with her...there down in the corner of the sand box.
 Hehe, there he is!  He is always trying to get out of his tote inside and he did manage to get out of the sand box and explore.
 Our garden is doing wonderful this year.
   Mom and Dad went with a hay covered approach.
   It has worked really well with only minimal weeding necessary.
I can't believe August is half over.  Time goes by so fast.


Saturday, August 09, 2014

Let's Get Together, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

While the family was here we were able to get together with extended family for a birthday bash.
Greeted by a camera and a delicious baby :)

Do you like my hat?
There was a wasp nest on the porch.  Travis "and" Jared took on the beasts.  We watched :D

So fun seeing them all together!
There was a pinata.
And a fabulous time together outside.