Friday, November 27, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...George!

I have a had a few ideas for Christmas gifts to make this year.  One of them is in the form of George.
My little nephew likes Curious George and when I came across this paper pieced block I knew I had to make it!
 A pillow is about all the time I could commit to a handmade item.  I even had a few leftover scraps from the quilt I made for him as a baby to finish out the pillow!  I love the way it turned out!

Friday, November 06, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...All The Fabric Ladies!

I haven't finished much lately, working on lots though.
I did manage to recover my ironing board.  It wasn't something I could leave for later.
I snagged a bit of the crusty old fabric and was staring at a gaping hole.
 It is much better now covered in all the fabric ladies :)
I still have more of this canvas fabric.  It is fun and makes me want to color it in...maybe someday I'll try that.
 I used this tutorial over at Crazy Mom Quilts.  It turned out very well! 
On to more finishes!!


Friday, October 30, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...A Wedding To Remember

This lovely friend of mine was married last Saturday!
Married in in England, no less.
I was blessed to travel over and celebrate the day with her.
I finished her wedding present several weeks ago, but couldn't share.
 This barn star design is one I've wanted to try out for some time.
I used the border fabric as my inspiration for the colors, close to her wedding color choices.

 This feather backing fabric from Connecting Threads didn't match the colors exactly, but is super cute!
 Congrats, my dear "twin"! 

Friday, October 09, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...T-Shirts and Memories.

Making a quilt for one person often snowballs into making quilts for other people.  Word of mouth, that is all it takes sometimes!
I made a quilt for a gal I went to school with long ago.
She teaches with someone who had a quilting "need."
 This gal's brother was killed in an accident and they wanted to use his t-shirts to create a memorable gift for family.  She needs 9 quilts.  These are the first 2 done.
 I really don't mind t-shirt quilts.  I've heard several people lament that people ask them to make those for them.  I use a Pellon interfacing specifically for knits that still has drape.
 I know these quilts will be loved!
I've finished one more and have nearly half of another quilted.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Week With Our North Carolina Loves

My brother and his family came for a week! It flew by.  It is hard to just pick a few pictures, but I tried :)
There was a mashed potato mishap, which will be a fun family joke for years to come.
 A birthday with cousins!  Look at that little guy's grin!
 Grandpa got in some croquet with the kids.
 Ignore the scary face on the left, but I had a lovely time fort-hopping with this now 8 year old.  Can't believe how grown up he's become.
 A wagon trip down the hill to see the newest fort.
 So cute.
 Sorry for the blur, but I had to show some evidence of the games played.  Rummikub with Grandma :)
 Horses, horses, horses.
 Another birthday to celebrate! We only had a 6 candle, so we made everyone do math...6 + 2! :)

 She's the loveliest :)
 This little guy and I were twinsies for our day out.  Hurray for Curious George!
 Brown-eyed beauties.
 The "real" grown idea where I fit in to this ;)
 Soccer with Scotchie!
 There be the bike rider...
A week is never long enough.