Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It's Coming Together and Homeschool Prom!

My double wedding ring quilt is getting closer!
I've been sewing these "melons" together now.  Not as often as I'd like as life has been busy lately.
I had only finished a few before I had to try putting together an entire circle.  It is so fun!  I may have squealed with glee over this one!
I went back to the melons and then started putting together the first row.  Unlike the quilt along instructions, I peeled off the paper on the back before sewing them to the white parts.  It made the easing of the seams much easier.
I couldn't find a real good place to lay out my first row, but the deep freezer is going to have to suffice.  Sew pretty! ;)

Friday was our area homeschool prom.
Don't my siblings look spiffy?!
They are growing up too fast.  I did Brenna's hair, she wanted it big!  It was actually a little bigger when we practiced...lots of teasing.  There may actually be a sock in this bump :)  Quinn is sporting a Tintin flip, but it is a little hard to see with the hat on.
Last minute I decided that I would join in the dressing up fun and tried out some 40s style barrel rolls in my hair.  FUN STUFF!

Beautiful girls!  They all seemed to have such a fun time and it was great to watch.  I even danced a few.


Saturday, April 02, 2016

Stuhr Museum Shares the Civil War

I love Stuhr museum!  I love the feeling of going back in time to a time I'm sure I just romanticize.  But, I want to just move in every time I go.
This trip did not disappoint.  I went with the home school group to a Civil War day this week.
 All of the kids were "enlisted" in either the Confederate or Union army.
 They did a great job of mixing teaching types, both hands on and just audible/visual presentation.
We got to go in the big red barn too!!! I've been waiting to get inside that beautiful barn :)
 In the loft we learned about camp conditions, things issued by the government, sickness, shoes, so much.
 Hehe, the demonstration of packing into a tent was funny.  Synchronized rolling was good too!
 They learned to march.
 The entire group was split in two, so after they had "mastered" the marching we swapped with the other half and went back to the church.  These fearless soldiers were on the other side ;)

 We learned about more aspects of the war, roles women played, how younger boys made it in and heard some great real life people and their stories.
 The groups combined and they learned about the weapons of war.  No worries, the guns were simple wooden cut out and they were very strict about direction of the guns at ALL times.
 Aww, the barn!
 Hehe, in the faux battle of these groups the south won.
 Captured, weapons confiscated and sent back to the church.
 The next part was about the wounded and how the field hospitals worked, changed and improved by the end of the war.
I spent a lot of time playing on my phone and taking stock of my surroundings.
 Such a pretty church!

 I get queasy sometimes quite easily so I just put my head down on the pew in front of me and looked at my phone to keep from hearing and my body reacting.  Haha, he asked about half way through if I was ok!  Hurray for no fainting!!
 We stopped at the gift shops for one of our passengers on the way out.
Aren't the ducks pretty!?
 This is proof of how close I got to them.  I'm not a fowl lover, but I was brave ;)

 We even saw the heron on our way out!
Thanks again, Stuhr!!


Friday, April 01, 2016

Finish It Up Friday...One Of Those Unplanned Projects.

So I totally thought that I didn't have a finish this week!  I was bummed that I wouldn't have anything to share.  Silly me!
I shared a "lesson" at our local quilt guild this week.
And I spent most of Monday finishing this baby quilt up for that "lesson."
 You saw my Strawberry Fields project that I am working on currently.  Well, this used up the scraps from that project.  Go me!  I cut all of the rectangles from fat quarters and had these strips left over.  Couldn't throw out the coordinating cuteness.
 I used a variation of this method, which is what I shared at quilt guild, to create the panel/blocks.  I simply ironed the strips onto a piece of interfacing to hold them in place and then folded and sewed each seam.
 I wanted to have a finished product of this method to show how it doesn't really overly bulk your project by having the interfacing in there.
I tried a few different things for the quilting but settled on this wonky/organic echoing.
 Random coral colored fabric in my stash for the backing.
 Here is my sample block of the Stamp Collection block using the interfacing method.  I have four of them now.  Not sure if it will turn into something bigger or not :)

Friday, March 25, 2016

Finish It Up Friday...Scrabbling Prizes

I hosted our Bunco group this week.  That means I get the prizes.
I had no ideas at all, until I saw a bag of Scrabble tiles in the basement. Hmmm...
 Pinterest was my friend and I had fun making a dishwasher sign.
 A key chain.  It was awarded to a very sweet young lady who subbed for us.
 A coaster set.
 A picture frame.
 I had to rip a page out of an old music book for this one.  There was enough depth to this matting that I was able to fit the words under the glass.
This is one of my favorites.  I wall/door hanger reminding us of the reason for Easter and the way for us to truly live...because He lives.  Happy Easter!


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WIP Wednesday...Strawberry Fields Double Wedding Ring

These fabrics are so pretty!  My cousin has great taste!
 She asked if I could make her a double wedding ring quilt and these are the fabrics she chose.
Now, I have never made a double wedding ring quilt, but have wanted to try.  Wonderful opportunity!
I found a quilt along by The Plaid Scottie and used their directions.
 All my fabric onto the 254 arches needed for this queen size quilt!
 My treadle and I have been humming away.  I try to sew up 10 or so each day if I can.  It doesn't take too long. 
 I am pretty ready though to move on to the next step!! So exciting!  
My box is pretty full and my stack of paper rows is getting smaller....only about 40 more to go!  Hurray!